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RISK: Stop Making It a 4-Letter Word

6th March 2017 by Suz No comments

You know that reaction we are taught after we’ve been burned or meet failure in the eye? The one that says “think twice about this” before you do it again?

No one can fault us for being cautious.

After all, only the strongest survive and we have to hedge our bets, right? But, how can we determine what’s worth the extra reach outside our comfort zone or certainty?

The word “RISK” can stir up a lot of different feelings in us, depending on the context. If we’re talking about money, we may feel excited or curious about a potential gamble and payoff. If we’re talking about romance, we may feel queazy and want to hide under the covers. And if we’re talking about the board game, we might feel like there’ll no end in sight.

But what about the word “risk” when we’re talking about our own personal growth?

What is risky about trying something new that could allow us to better express our true passions? I’m not necessarily saying throwing all of your stability out the window to chase a dream on a whim, but what about spending money to invest in your craft and learn more about your options?

What about going to a new event to meet new people who could open your eyes to new experiences?

What about getting up in front of people you don’t know and expressing what your passion is (whether by showing or telling them)?

What about deciding to say no to someone so you can spend more time on yourself?

These are all risks.

It is all a balancing act. But if we can redefine what “risk” means to us? What is we saw risk as an exciting opportunity rather than a scary unknown?

Always remember when we think about the future, horrible bad endings have just as much of a chance as happening as wonderful amazing endings. So why the automatic assumption that bad things will happen?

Why not focus on how much more amazing life could be if we took a little risk here and there?

What have you not acted on yet?

What’s holding you back?

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