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How 1 Bad Day Turned Me Into a Fraud

13th March 2017 by Suz No comments

You ever get that feeling when things are gliding along smoothly, you’re elated things are going your way, but you just can’t shake that feeling that things are about to fall apart?

And then, in the blink of an eye, all the confidence you were riding high on seemingly disappears into thin air and you’re left wondering why anyone thought you ever had any talent at all?

Well that was me.

I felt like a fraud. 

In the matter of minutes.

I had been working round the clock for approximately 2 weeks to debut ticket sales to my virtual music conference: The Rock/Star Summit. I secured the speakers, I wrote 6 EBooks, I created the webpage, I created a promotional schedule, and I set up the e-store on my website to sell the tickets.

That was a big thing for me – the tech work. I am NOT a tech person in the least; I am, however, a control freak. My confidence was at an all-time high when my launching coach, Kristina Shands, tested the purchase and it went through with no problem.

It was show time.

The Rock/Star Summit is the biggest project I’ve taken on as a freelance consultant. Kristina called this “up-leveling.” I was ready. I had done the work, I had checked all the boxes. And then the page went live. Tickets were being purchased! HUZZAH!!!

And then… the issues. The tech issues.

Due to a few software glitches, and a few other issues due to a lack of clear communication on the sales page, people began having issues purchasing tickets. Emails and tweets started to trickle in:

“I’m having trouble buying tickets.”

“Your website doesn’t work.”

“I want to attend, but the sale isn’t going through.”

One even mentioned that (due to a glitch that was causing a different total to appear in the checkout cart) he didn’t trust it (aka me) and was going to hold off on purchasing until we spoke.

My heart sank.

The “Know-Like-Trust Factor” I had worked on building for so long seemingly felt like it was gone in an instance. I couldn’t blame any of these people in the least! I’d feel the same way. And if these people were having issues, how many others had them and didn’t think to reach out? I called Kristina in a panic. Why did I think I could do this?! Who the f*ck was I?!

After my pity party, and with Kristina’s sage wisdom, I walked away from the computer. I decided to chill out for the evening and address the tech issues first thing in the morning. And I did. It took time, but I got it all working.

What I had to learn and accept was that I am not my job.

I am not my website. I am more than a few tech glitches. Mistake happen. Honest mistakes happen. They don’t take away from the fact that I have something great to offer others.

I started to pick up the pieces of my bruised ego and made sure everyone who contacted me with an issue was addressed and that their issues were rectified accordingly. They all understood. They all still purchased tickets. I posted online addressing the issues and assured people it was all fixed.

It’s not over. There will be more bumps in the road. However, I now know that confidence can be a fickle bitch. It can be all smoke & mirrors and pushed aside easily if we don’t take the time to TRULY believe in ourselves, faults and all.

Believing in yourself doesn’t mean you think you’re perfect; it means you trust you’re mistakes don’t define you [click to tweet]. How you deal with mistakes is what defines you.

What are you feeling fraudulent about? What are you scared of achieving? Tell me about it via email or come join me on twitter! @RockStarAdvo


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