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3 Reasons It’s Important to Be Prepared

20th March 2017 by Suz No comments

Now I can’t say I’m always on time… but when I do show up I am (almost) always prepared. I’m a planner. That’s just me. I can barely function if my ToDo list is not in order.

I can be wearing the same pants for 4 days, walk the dog wearing only one shoe, and even eat cereal straight from the box, but if I have an organized ToDo list that lets me know what’s coming I know I’m gonna be ok!

Here are 3 reasons why preparing for an event/meeting/call ahead of time is so crucial, even if very little is expected of you:

1. You’re able to focus more quickly. When we prepare ahead of time, even if it’s something as simple as familiarizing ourselves with someone’s latest tweets before we hop on a call with them, we’ve already trained our brain to focus on the person. By familiarizing yourself (even briefly) with the person you’re about to meet you’ve primed yourself to be in the moment.

2. You’re getting more out of an exchange. If you’re attending a conference (simply as an audience member) or going to a mixer and you set aside a few minutes beforehand to read up on certain key attendees you’ll have something to say if they approach you or if you find yourself asking them a question. Doing a small amount of homework shows you care, will open them up to be more giving, and your connection will be more meaningful.

3. You’ll have an edge over most others in the room. In today’s “hustle & grind” mentality, people focus on squeezing more into the day than actually hustling to learn more & pace themselves. Slow & steady as they say… So by preparing & priming your brain before you speak or address someone, you’re already leaps & bounds ahead of the crowd. An easy way to stand out AND learn something along the way 😉

What can YOU do today to be more prepared for tomorrow?

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Feeling overwhelmed? Use my Get Your Mind Right Checklist for a quick cleanse & reset!