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Why You Don’t Need to Stand in Front to Lead Others

3rd April 2017 by Suz No comments

When I was 5 years old Rhythm Nation was topping the charts. I knew at that moment my dream was to be Janet Jackson’s back-up singer. I always wanted to be a Hologram, never Jem herself 😉

I didn’t aspire to be the pop star; I somehow always knew my strength was behind the scenes. Being behind the scenes doesn’t mean you don’t have something to say, you just prefer to say it without pomp & circumstance [click to tweet].

This isn’t a message against extroverts, but a message that there’s enough room for us all to be heard, in our own way.When I was older I thought, “hmm maybe I could carry off being in the spotlight.” In 8th grade I had a brief solo in choir (Don’t Cry For Me Argentina, if you must know) and on opening night I asked if it’d be ok if I just went home sick – it wasn’t. I got through it but it was one of the most stressful few minutes of my young life.

The same is true of my business. I LOVE emailing back & forth with my clients, and even Skype-ing with them. I love creating content and templates and hosting The Rock/Star Summit. But, when it comes to hosting live Periscopes or going to large festivals, I rather go put on sweats and work on my laptop. It’s not that I CAN’T do those other things, I just prefer not to; my body prefers not to. And that’s ok!

If you’re an artist who doesn’t like to perform live THAT’S OK! If you hate YouTube, or even social media in general, you can STILL make a living off of your creations.

Whether you write for other artists or license you music for audio-visual use or compose source music, there are plenty of other avenues for the more introverted creator.

Never try to fit a mold your mind & body clearly reject. Going your own way will always bring you a more engaged following as you will attract them with your authentic passion. So do you!


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