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Practicing Self-Care ≠ A Green Light to be Lazy

10th April 2017 by Suz No comments

For 2 years now I’ve spread the word about self-care. While most have found the tips & resources I’ve provided helpful, some are still skeptical.

I get it.

It goes against almost everything our society teaches us – “Sleep when you’re dead.” “Early bird gets the worm.” “Hustle.” “Grind.” Living in NYC, we learn at an early age it’s the “city that never sleeps.” So why should we, right?

When my business coach started pushing me to get more sleep, walk away from my work, dedicate more time to cooking good food, I was very resistant. It almost feels like a trap. “Does she not want me to be successful?” “Is this so I never reach my goals and keep paying her until I do?”

Truth was a lot of what I was doing might have been work, but it was ineffective work. Busy does NOT equal productive. And self-care does NOT equal lazy. [click to tweet]

Self-care doesn’t always involve napping. It’s about listening to what your body needs so you can do your best work.

Maybe that means monotasking and putting your all into a new project. Maybe that means collaborating with others so you can bounce ideas off of them. Maybe it means working in an environment that lights you up (whether that means loud music or outside in the sun).

When it comes down to it, self-care allows you to work hard without burning out. So, before you tell that voice inside that’s begging to ditch that networking event for some time at home catching up on Orange Is The New Black, go easy on yourself and think first about what 1 hour of downtime can do for your energy level [also, don’t watch OITNB if you only have an hour, you’re setting yourself up for failure there].

So, if you need help trying to figure out HOW to listen to that voice inside, here are some tools to keep you organized, in-tune, and in-line with where you’re headed.

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Feeling overwhelmed? Use my Get Your Mind Right Checklist for a quick cleanse & reset!