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3 Reasons You Haven’t Gotten Off Your Ass & Taken Action

24th April 2017 by Suz No comments

Maybe you’re reading this sitting at your desk in between checking Facebook statuses and hearting photos on Instagram.

Maybe you haven’t even gotten to this sentence because you’re attention has already been captured by another blinking notification.

Maybe you haven’t finished the project that’s been waiting for completion on your desk because you’re just too. damn. tired.

Or, maybe you haven’t worked on that new song, or written that screenplay because you can’t seem to find the time.

Whatever your reasoning may be, I’ve got one thing to say to your reasoning:

Shut the f*ck up, and just do it already!

Did that help?

Probably not. And here’s why:

Berating ourselves and beating ourselves up is just another form of procrastination. Having a lazy Sunday or avoiding something you HATE doing is one thing, but when you put off something you have a true passion/calling for there is something deeper at work.

Here are the 3 main reasons we put off doing something, even when it’s something we DESPERATELY want:

1. We’re afraid we won’t succeed. Fear is a powerful thing but it is also a very vague beast. The less clear it is the more control it exerts. The easiest way to face our fears is to get specific. Write it down. Spell it out. What’s the worst case scenario? When we get clear on what our fears are they usually turn out to be too unlikely to happen or something that has a solution to overcome.

2. We’re afraid we will succeed, but we don’t truly believe we deserve it so we avoid it. Even a positive outcome is still just that – the future – the unknown. If we don’t believe we deserve the good that’s to come our way, we’ll likely miss the chance to grab it when it comes. [click to tweet] Be sure to be kind to yourself and stay open to receiving what you want.

3. We aren’t clear enough on exactly what it is we want. Just like fear, when something is too abstract it can be paralyzing. What is it EXACTLY that you want? “Being famous,” is an abstract concept, so is “being successful.” Get clear on your goals. Be specific. Write out the steps needed to get there. Then break those steps down. Then take a step. And another. Until you get there.

What are YOU putting off?

Feel unclear about what it is you’re striving for? I’m here to help! Write back and let’s talk or join the conversation on Twitter by finding me and saying hi (@RockStarAdvo).


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