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How Watching The Lion King Saved Me Hours of My Day

8th May 2017 by Suz No comments

Ever have one of those days that seems to last weeks?

We’ve all been there – had something bad happen to us and then sat stewing in it. While acknowledging our pain is important, sitting in it can cause us greater pain down the road.

But, I’ve found a way to bounce out of my ruts faster and get HOURS of my life back that I would have otherwise spent sulking.

This summer has been a difficult one for me. Besides having a painful flare up of my Lyme Disease, causing me to shut down operations for days at a time, I lost 2 important people in my life all too soon.

I often sat in bed berating myself for what wasn’t getting done, and for how I wish I had predicted the future and prepped accordingly. How could I not have seen this all coming?!?

All that did was prolong my recovery and push my productivity farther back. One pity-party afternoon I decided to watch my childhood favorite – Disney’s The Lion King.

This. Movie. Was. My. Jam. 

I sang all the songs, even mouthed most of the dialog. And then came this scene (I’m sure any child of the 90s remembers):


You can’t change the past. It’s gone.

Observe that. Take it in.

Learn from it and respect the lesson. This scene was a great reminder I needed to take each day as it came.

If I found myself looking back, I gave myself something to look forward to and found something to be grateful for in the present.

After all, the present is a gift.


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