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What They're Saying

“Shout out to @RockStarAdvo. She has me on a program to get more organized & it’s working!!!”

- Cipha Sounds
TV Host/Comedian/Writer/DJ

“Adopting my scheduling system to the way presented in The Rock/Star Life Planner has had a significant positive impact on my focus, productivity, confidence, mental health, and life.”

- Chrysanthe Tan

“I recommend Suz to all my clients. Having professional & customizable support in today’s diverse music industry is critical & she has been fantastic!”

- Willie Green

“Suz was simply incredible. The coaching & Social Media Plan were tailored to exactly what I needed and dramatically improved the quality of my project overall. The holistic coaching style not only helped me narrow my goals & path for my music, but the practical decision making skills improved my life as a whole outside of music. I will definitely use Suz again & recommend her to other artists!”

- Monte Mader

“Suzanne Paulinski saved me during this launch! This masterclass actually happened at just the right time. When things are going haywire, the best thing we can have is a support community & a rock solid plan. In this masterclass you’re going to see the strategies I used to no go crazy during this launch process (thanks Suz!!!). A look inside so many things we often take for granted as artists, but we wholly need to sustain our careers.”

- Steve Palfreyman
Musician/Founder of The Music Launch Hub

“Super job on the fly. A true testament to your great work. Really great job. Thank you.”

- Email from G48
CEO of 48Consulting

“Working with Suz has been exactly what I needed to help me focus and develop a clear path to my goals. Her knowledge and experience in different areas of the music business has saved me time, money and frustration that would’ve been spent on figuring things out on my own via trial and error. I’m getting everything I was hoping for when I decided to work with her.”


“Thank you so much! Just one hour with you has made such a HUGE impact. I feel like I can think so much more clear. I find myself no wanting to be more organized in everything I do. I am so happy I made the decision to work with you!”

- Email from Dani Felt
Singer-Songwriter/Founder of Dani Felt Consulting

“Suz is dedicated to ensuring that you do not only know what to do, but why you do it. Without her, I wouldn’t have come this far in knowing how to market myself. It’s a process which I recommend everyone take. Be a Rockstar!”

- Phinestro
Film Composer/Producer/Musician

“Your interview from Steve [Palfreyman’s Music Launch Summit] is still by far one of my favs out of everything I’ve heard there. There was something incredibly liberating about telling yourself “not now”… a product may be great value, but not for you right now.  LOVE IT!”

- Email from Juha Juppi

“I love the relationship I have with Suz… There’s no way I’d be as comfortable as I am with all my career decisions without her unwavering support.”

- Corina Corina

“Suz, I don’t know how to say thank you. That they all come recommended by you gives me hope, and as long as they have a work ethic that you recognize, it says a lot to me.”

- Email from Alex Morelli
CEO of Alex Morelli Music

“Suz really has a great personal touch and cares a lot. She helped me a ton with visualizing my goals and putting me in a place where I have a chance to bring them to fruition. I really appreciated her patience and ability to re-calibrate when things didn’t go as planned.”

- Jesse O’Neill

“OMG you are just always so reliable no matter how much I’m running myself into the ground and on the verge of missing the deadline. Thank YOU sooo much!!!!”

- Email from Tasha Mitchell
Creative Director of Analog Media Group

“Very professional attitude toward my career and I certainly gained what I wanted out of the experience. I do recommend to other aspiring artists who need a hand in getting it all together!”

- PremRock
Rap Artist

“I do need to give a special thank you to Suzanne Paulinski as her session [at the Music Launch Summit] had the biggest impact on me. After listening to her talk I spent the next hour writing plans I want to achieve for my site & what I need to do to achieve them. It got me so pumped!”

- James Wilson
Music Curator

“I just wanted to say thank you for everything you said [on the Music Launch Summit]…My desks, pockets, and notebooks are cluttered with to-do lists… Just having that “break down” process broken down for me… was a huge deal and really helped me to get clarity and focus.”

- Forum Comment from Howard Vandermark
Feeling lost? Take my short QUIZ to easily determine your next steps!