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Feeling overwhelmed trying to get a handle on the business of your music?

There is a TON of information out there about the music industry.

You want to absorb everything, afraid to ignore the wrong pieces of information & hard-pressed to understand the depth of knowledge you are taking in, confused as to how to apply it to your own situation.

In 2016 I created The Rock/Star Summit, a 3-day virtual music conference aimed at bringing confidence & clarity to music professionals at all levels who wished to better understand the industry.

The idea was to breakdown the key components of certain aspects of the industry: Touring, Recording, Contracts, Finance, Branding, and the often-overlooked Self-Care.

I now bring them all to YOU, allowing you to digest everything you’ve learned & apply it to your individual situation.

Vocabulary Lessons

Doubt Dumps

Do’s & Don’ts

Additional Templates & Resources

Choose Wisely.

Have you figured out your social media game but could use some lessons in contracts & copyrights?

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Learn ways to get more done by working smarter, not harder. Stop running in 50 directions & start making some REAL progress.



Breakdown the basics of your brand and how to express it to your fans & industry peers, turning them all into an engaged, supportive fanbase.



Figure out your financial priorities, organize your expenses, and make a plan on how to save towards your goals.



Understand all the legal jargon so you’re prepared when it’s time to sign your name on the dotted line & hire the person who gives you the pen.



Find out how to handle life on & off the road with tips on how to book gigs & make the transition back home easier.



Avoid common missteps when jumping into the booth, entering with confidence & an understanding of common recording terms.


Want a full industry rundown?

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Stuck on what to write online? Here are 20 posts to use in a pinch! Enter your email to access: