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What to Expect

The Music-preneur Mindset Summit is a conference aimed at helping musicians & industry creatives gain confidence & clarity when networking & building their careers.

We’ve created a mixture of Panels & Workshops that will focus on Financial Management, Intellectual Property, Work/Life Balance, Time Management, Branding, Team Building & more!

The Summit has already taken place, but there’s STILL TIME to catch all of the wonderful panels, workshops, and self-care classes via video recording. Learn at your own pace & network with the speakers in a private FB Group!

Download our Summit Guide here for details on each panel, workshop, and self-care class:

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Barbara DeLaleu, a.k.a Roxie Digital, is a commercial radio host for NYC’s own 95.5 WPLJ, an entrepreneur, a speaker & co-founder of the #NoDisrespect Campaign. She will be speaking on Authenticity in the workplace with an emphasis on the benefits of powerful collaborations, ridding the idea of competition with others while promoting a healthy competition with self–building a greater self to be great with others!

You can view her full bio here.

Be sure to follow her on Instagram & Twitter, and catch her on air every weekend on 95.5 WPLJ beginning at 9:00 pm EST.


Benji Rogers is a British-born, New York-based entrepreneur, technologist, musician, and the founder of Pledge Music. An early pioneer of the direct artist-to-fan model of distributing music, Rogers founded Pledge Music based on the belief that artists should share the process of their artistic output, not just the finished product. Straddling the worlds of technology and music, Rogers uses his dual background to advise a range of tech and music companies on how to bridge the divide between their industries.

To address the unique challenges facing artists releasing their work in the digital economy, Rogers also co-founded the Dot Blockchain Music Project, an attempt to create a decentralized global registry of music rights using blockchain technology that will overhaul the commercialization and movement of music online.

In addition to these projects, Rogers is also an instructor at Berklee College of Music on digital trends and strategies in the industry. A dedicated patron of arts and creativity in all its forms, Rogers’ work is rooted in a belief in the democratizing power of the internet; he will always be “loving your work.”

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