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There’s no singular path to success.

But there is a right way to go about choosing yours.

As the ROCK/STAR ADVOCATE®, I am your music career’s guiding light, helping you & your team gain the confidence & clarity you need to create your own path to a sustainable career in the music industry.

There’s a vast ocean of knowledge out there & a lot expected of the DIY music-preneur. With only a few hours in every day how do you make time for it all?

So how does ANYTHING ever get done?!

How can you possibly move ahead when it feels like all the odds are stacked against you? How can you not keep going when you know it’s all you were ever meant to do?

You need a team.

But a team requires money, structure, organization… it starts to feel like an endless losing battle.

But it doesn’t have to be that way!

Welcome to your music career’s missing piece.

All me to introduce myself…

Hi, I’m Suz!

I’m a music-lovin, spreadsheet-makin, sweats-wearin former paralegal with a Master’s in Psychology.

I started my career in my late teens, as an intern for Atlantic Records and college rep for  WEA.

While getting my Music Business degree (yes, that’s a real thing) at Drexel University, I worked with fellow classmates to create the still-active MAD Dragon Records.

After graduation, I went on to manage the national street team & Mid-West retail for EMI subsidiary, Astralwerks, and founded IXiiV Records, LLC (later changed to IXiiV Artist Consulting) with my college roommate. 

Now, with The Rock/Star Advocate®, I’m able to live out my dream of helping musicians and their teams turn their passions into sustainable careers.

I make sure they chase their dreams with as few nightmares as possible. Signing online to see messages like this one are why I feel so blessed to be able to live my dream while helping others live theirs:


I’m also a sucker for puns, anytime Will Ferrell screams anything, Godivia™ hot chocolate, my 2 beautifully-talented nieces, and fall weather. Lastly, because I’m feeling super vulnerable, my best friend is Anna Kendrick. Nobody knows that. Not even Anna. Give it time.

But it wasn’t always like this…

15 hr Work Days {Read: No social life}

2-4 hrs of Sleep/Night {Can you say #SleepShaming?}

Depression & Extreme confusion

Panic & Stress => Decisions made from desperation

Multitasking Queen {Read: Busy, never productive}

Information Overwhelm {Read: Productivity paralysis}

Endless To-Do list that never got To-Done

Now, I’m starting a movement to #RedefineTheHustle.

I started in the music industry almost 15 years ago. Working 4 jobs during my Junior year at Drexel, I decided to double my class load and graduate early to get a head-start on the competition.

You can learn more about that journey in my Lessons Learned series on my Music-Preneur Mindset Podcast, including that time I quit the same job 5 times. Yes. 5 times.

Slowing down, getting a full night’s sleep, and setting clear/relevant goals have enabled me to achieve more in 3 years than I did in the last 12.

I’m passionate in making sure I pass on what I’ve learned. After two years of speaking engagements, engaging interviews, and finishing my first book, my mission to spread the message of self-care in the music industry is finally catching on with people who know deep down there’s got to be an easier way to do things.

Will you be next?

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Build a career in music without the guesswork. SUBSCRIBE to the Music-Preneur Mindset Podcast today!