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Are you ready to ROCK!?!

As in get rock-solid in your goals & how you’ll get there? Lemme guess:

You’re tired of surviving the music industry.

You want to THRIVE in the music industry, but it always feels like 1 step forward and 2 steps back. With that kind of math you’re getting nowhere fast.

You’d love to talk to your friends & family about it, but they just don’t get it. Sometimes you just need to talk things out with someone who gets it. I get it. With almost 15 years in the music industry behind me, I know the roller coaster of emotions it can bring.

You’d also love to see your friends & family, but there’s never any time! With the demands of building a career in this industry, sometimes with multiple passions pulling for your attention, it’s impossible to find time to do it all.

At least that’s what they say, right?

I’m here to change all that.

Whether you’re a musician, manager, or music-preneur, I am here to make sure you’ve always got someone in your corner, making sure you stay moving forward on the path you’ve set for yourself without losing your sanity in the process.

Not sure what that path is yet? Don’t worry, we can figure that out together!

When that path gets dark, I’ll get my flashlight, and when it takes an unexpected turn, I’ll get my compass. I’ll be the Samwise to your Frodo.

No LotR fans?? No?? Ok, never mind. As I was saying… I’m here to show you that success does NOT have to come at the price of burning out.

Let’s Rock!

Ready for your soundboard outside of the studio?

I’m ready to be here when you need me, but, just like any relationship, it’s a two-way street. I expect to get back from my clients as much as I give.

So if you’re ready to do the work, to do some deep reflecting, to fix what’s broken & learn new ways of approaching your career, then let’s talk! 

No 2 journeys are the same. That’s why I offer various tiers of support & guidance, depending on where you are in your career.

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Build a career in music without the guesswork. SUBSCRIBE to the Music-Preneur Mindset Podcast today!