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Feeling like you need a jumpstart?

You’ve got your product/service, you’ve got your brand, you’ve got your fanbase, but SOMETHING is Just. Not. Clicking. WTF?!

What do they need from me?

What more can I give?

What could I possibly be missing?

If you identify with any of the above statements, FEAR NOT! You’ve come to the right place.

Your Concentrated Career Boost

Imagine getting up each day knowing exactly where to put your energy & time.

Imagine making informed decisions about the future of your career, knowing you have a solid grasp of the music industry.

Imagine silencing the crickets as you build an engaged & motivated following, enabling you to focus on your passions while your fans get the word out for you.

Can you picture it?

Believe me, it’s within your reach, and sooner than you think!

This 1-month intensive will allow you implement REAL CHANGE in a short period of time and see REAL RESULTS within an area of focus that YOU CHOOSE.

I’m NOT a fan of information overwhelm (trying to master multiple skill sets in a short amount of time).

This multitasking education results in a basic understanding of a few skill sets, with a good chance that you’ll regress & eventually forget most of the knowledge you’ve learned because your brain is overwhelmed, rather than focused.

I’m passionate about monotasking (having a single focus at one time) and empowering the entrepreneur (YOU!), so you stay focused on the information you need now and stay free of the information you don’t.

If you’re ready to STOP running in circles, STOP the endless guesswork, and STOP the frustrating dead ends, keep on reading!

How It Works:

First, decide where you need the most help RIGHT NOW. This will be your Area of Focus (AoF):

  1. Music Industry Know-How (understanding copyrights, licensing, & managing your career like an entrepreneur)
  2. Networking (going after what you want & building real connections)
  3. Building an Engaged Fanbase (finding your core fans & empowering them to help spread the word)

Then, once you’ve chosen your AoF at checkout below (there is no difference in price, only focus), you & I will spend the next 4 weeks tightening your brand, building a structure that works with YOUR schedule to create sustainable productivity, and getting laser-focused on the skill set you’ve chosen to master.

What’s Included:

Here’s what your life could look like in 1 month:

So what are you waiting for?

Let’s Do This!

If you’re ready to take control of your career, filling in the cracks to build a strong foundation to support REAL GROWTH, then simply choose your AoF below & press the “I WANT THIS!” button below it. A welcome email (and receipt) will be immediately sent to your inbox with clear instructions on what to do next.

Business Know-How


Fan Engagement

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Feeling overwhelmed? Use my Get Your Mind Right Checklist for a quick cleanse & reset!