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The 2018 Rock/Star Life Planner: $30

The Music Industry is a MAGICAL Place…

It’s the place where all your dreams come true, everyone pays for your music, they come super close up to the stage when you play, and labels don’t claim any ownership of your…

Oh wait. That’s not real. 

Never mind.

Truth is, the music industry can be a BITCH!

The expensive equipment.

The thankless gigs.

The endless begging for downloads.

The information overwhelm with no team around to help!

Aren’t you tired of the whole trial & error of trying to make it in this biz?

Why do you even bother?!

You could give up Right. Now.

Go back to school and become that high-powered accountant your parents always hoped you’d be. I mean, numbers are sexy, right?


You could take control of your career.

Get clear on your goals.

Learn to manage your finances.

Plan your social media campaigns.

Success is all about MINDSET.

I’ve been in the music industry for close to 15 years. I’ve seen it all. I’ve seen the talent that keeps going, and those that fall by the wayside. The difference? Their mindset.

As a mindset coach for music industry professionals of all kinds, I have spent years designing templates & exercises that WORK to keep you focused & on track to reach your goals.

You can have the success you desire, you just need the right tools.

Introducing The 2018 Rock/Star Life Planner

your #1 tool to take your music from a hobby to a career!

Gain peace of mind in order to find the path on which you’re meant to be, rather than wandering aimlessly, hoping something you try sticks.

Work your business muscles by taking purposeful, guided, and effective steps towards your goals, rather than allowing overwhelm about what you don’t know keep you in the same spot.

Make confident decisions with ease knowing exactly where you’re headed, rather than drowning in a sea of internet offers & shiny objects that distract you from your current path.

 “I love that it gives me a frame work to make sense of and organize my ideas so that I can take action on them and reach my goal.” – Greg Wilnau, CEO of Musician Monster

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What’s Inside

The Rock/Star Life Planner is designed with YOU – the MUSIC-PRENEUR – in mind!

::A year-long calendar to avoid missing future opportunities & plan out tour dates!

::Monthly vision boards for attracting what you want & letting your creativity run free!

::Weekly social media content planning so you never have to worry about what to post!

::A year-long financial spreadsheet so you can finally gain control of your income!

::Access to additional tools & templates (yours FREE) to manage the career you’ve always wanted!


Gain structure & decrease the overwhelm in your music career TODAY so you can start THRIVING in the music industry, not just surviving.


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“It’s really, really great. It’s something that every artist, it should be their bible!” – Drew Davis, Nashville musician 

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2018 Paperback Planner


::Dated January 1-December 31, 2018

::7×9″ format


UNDATED Paperback Planner


All the magic of the 2018 Planner with 2 key distinctions:

::52 Weekly Templates to take you through a full year that you start/stop whenever you choose

::A larger, 8.5×11″ format

Planner E-File


A printable PDF version of The 2018 Rock/Star Life Planner.

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Meet the Authors

Meet Suz

I’m a mindset coach for musicians & music-preneurs, helping them gain clarity in their careers & honor their work/life balance. I’m an introverted, music-loving, spreadsheet-making, sweats-wearing former paralegal with a Master’s in Psychology, and I’m ALL about the #monotasking. Making spreadsheets gives me all the feels, and I LOVE when musicians feel empowered to turn their passion into a career! It’s been a loooong road getting here and I’m ready to share all I’ve learned along the way. Anna Kendrick would play me in a movie. Who would play you? Tell me in my Facebook Group.

If you’d like free tips on how to create a more sustainable career in the music industry, join me every Wednesday for another episode of The Music-Preneur Mindset Podcast!

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Meet Lyss

I’m an extroverted doer-of-many-things, who lives and dies by my calendar. Suz would say my schedule is “legit ridic,” and I thrive living at a pace just shy of insanity. Which is all good as long as I remember to take care of myself. So when Suz said let’s make something that combines taking care of yourself and calendars – I was SO in! When I’m not Skyping with Suz, you’ll find me on stage improvising, in front of a camera acting, under a tree stealing lunch naps, in a corner putting food in my face, or at a desk putting my B.S. in Mechanical Engineering to use designing toys and stuff. I’m obsessed with food, snacks, cats, candy and noms. Share your obsessions with me online #thisLyssTHIS.

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Build a career in music without the guesswork. SUBSCRIBE to the Music-Preneur Mindset Podcast today!