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Rock•source /noun; a resourceful tool used by rockstars to take their music from hobby to lifestyle!

From booking checklists, to inventory spreadsheets, to eBooks that get you thinking strategically, below are all the tools you'll need to create & sustain successful structures within your music career.

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Learn ways to get more done by working smarter, not harder. Stop running in 50 directions & start making some REAL progress.


Breakdown the basics of your brand and how to express it to your fans & industry peers, turning them all into an engaged, supportive fanbase.


Figure out your financial priorities, organize your expenses, and make a plan on how to save towards your goals.


Understand all the legal jargon so you’re prepared when it’s time to sign your name on the dotted line & hire the person who gives you the pen.


Find out how to handle life on & off the road with tips on how to book gigs & make the transition back home easier.


Avoid common missteps when jumping into the booth, entering with confidence & an understanding of common recording terms.

Booking Checklist

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a booking agent? Keep your sanity with this easy-to-follow checklist!

Split Sheet Agreement

Make sure all collaborators authoring new music are on the same page re: ownership!

Copyright Questionnaire

Get all the info you need to file a claim beforehand to make filing a stress-free experience!

Social Media Checklist

Make sure you cover all of the details in keeping your SM pages consistent & updated!

Social Media Workbook

Managing so many pages can be overwhelming. Keep it simple & never forget about another page again!

Performance Checklist

Rehearsing is more than memorizing lyrics. Make sure to follow these steps to ensure a #flawless live show!

Inventory Workbook

Stay organized & profitable, never worrying about what merch is needed for a show again!

Contacts Workbook

Clear the noise of networking with a spreadsheet that keeps track of your latest interactions!

Crowdfunding Workbook

Raising money for your next project? Think before you act & attract the RIGHT fans who won’t hesitate to back your latest efforts!

Financial Workbook

Maintain a clear & conscise record of all expenditures & profits to make managing a budget go from overwhelming to “oh-this-is-nothing”!

Touring Workbook

Make booking shows a breeze with a spreadsheet that automatically creates a tour itinerary while building a Rolodex™ of everyone you called, even when you didn’t book a show!

ToDo Workbook

Track and prioritize all of your tasks with this handy spreadsheet. Sort by due date, time to complete a task, and so much more!

Packing Checklist

Throw out the overwhelm when it comes to preparing for a tour & never forget another thing at home.

Commitments Workbook

Gain an understanding of what you’re signing by knowing your responsibilities & what’s owed to you.

Website Maintenance Workbook

Never miss another renewal date for your web hosting, domain name, and more! Keep track of when they are due & the payment method attached to each account.

Website Launch Checklist

Ensure your launch goes off without a hitch by confirming all i’s are dotted & t’s are crossed with this comprehensive checklist.

Build a career in music without the guesswork. SUBSCRIBE to the Music-Preneur Mindset Podcast today!