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Your Career Nightlight

Ready to turn the lights on?

Stop being in the dark about what steps to take next.

Stop laying in bed, phone in hand, frustrated that there’s never enough time in the day.

Stop burning the midnight oil because your worried that you’ll NEVER reach the goals you’ve set.


Too often we go through each day just surviving…

Trying not to lose faith in our dreams…

Hoping to stay focused on the task at hand…

But, ultimately, we get distracted putting out fires & chasing shiny objects until we collapse. We let ourselves get sleep-shamed into pulling all-nighters and trying to have our hands in so many pots to prove we want it badly enough.

All that we’re left with is a dizzying ToDo list that never seems to get any smaller and efforts that seem to fall flat no matter how hard we try.

I created Your Career Nightlight, a subscription-based consulting service, to allow musicians & other industry professionals to feel supported, nurtured, and looked after while they chase their dreams.

Because DIY doesn’t = Do It Alone.

Just like having a nightlight by your bed as a kid – a reminder that everything’s going to be ok and that it’s ok to rest while your mind reflects on & processes the day. When you’re awake, I’m there to guide you on your path & help you stay the course without losing hope.

It comes down to 3 main pieces:

Confidence + Clarity + Consistency

Imagine waking up feeling motivated to take on the day ahead. And on days when you’re NOT feeling so motivated, imagine having your BFF there to encourage you to keep going, with solid solutions at hand to help you overcome your latest obstacles.

Imagine LIVING your life, rather than surviving it, seeing your goals in such a crystal clear way distractions don’t stand a chance!

Imagine feeling in the zone, rather than spinning out of control; finding your stride in attracting the right audience & creating fulfilling engagement.

Take a stand to work smarter, not harder.

Stop the sleep shaming. Learn the essence of mono-tasking. Create efficient ToDo lists that motivate you, not discourage you.


Adopting this goal-oriented, macro/micro planning system has been a compassionate way of encouraging me to be more productive, because it naturally makes me more motivated to fulfill my passions/goals. [It] has had a significant positive impact on my focus, productivity, confidence, mental health, and life.Chrysanthe Tan, composer + violinist

Stop imagining & start making it happen!

Don’t wait until you burn out, give up on your dream, and sit like a droid entering data in a cubicle, listening to Adele on repeat while eating your feelings courtesy of the corner food truck.

Your Career Nightlight is unlimited monthly email consulting where you send me all of your questions, your fears, your struggles and get real answers with clear, actionable steps from me within 24 hours.

While you share all of your struggles with me, I’ll be sharing all of my time-management & industry know-how with you to ensure that each week you are setting the right goals to stay on the path you’ve set for yourself. Here are just some of the topics we can cover while setting & reaching your goals:

prioritizing tasks

engaging on social media

planning a tour

market research


balancing your personal life

feedback on songs

What’s Included?

Your Career Nightlight* is a monthly subscription service that you can cancel at any time. For less than a Starbucks-a-day you can gain structure & keep your sanity while growing the career you were meant to have.

Here’s what you can expect each month:

Here’s the difference you’ll be able to see:


*This service is for feedback and solution-generating tasks only. This service does not include creating business documents, designing marketing materials, drafting proposals, negotiating contracts, or any service that involves document creation. Should that be requested, additional charges will be incurred.

Take control today

Are you ready to make some real progress?

Click the subscribe button below! You’ll receive an email from me within 24 hours to get started. Later on in the month you’ll receive an email letting you know your monthly subscription is almost up. You can choose to cancel before the renewal, or ignore it and be automatically charged for another month.

The choice is yours.

ACT NOW as I’m only accepting the first 10 sign-ups in order to give each client my full attention (currently 9 6 5 remain).

Click below to enroll in Your Career Nightlight for only $125/month. When the price of this service increases (and it will) you will stay locked in at the price you pay today, so don’t wait!


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Feeling overwhelmed? Use my Get Your Mind Right Checklist for a quick cleanse & reset!