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Suz is a mindset coach for music industry professionals looking to gain clarity on their goals & find a better work/life balance.





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#01 | The Music-Preneur Mindset

It all begins with the ‘Why.’

Suz explains why she chose to become The Rock/Star Advocate, why she created this podcast, and why the topics being covered in this podcast are important {and often overlooked} in order to build a sustainable career in music.

I realized so many fall victim to the hustle 24/7-sleep-when-your-dead mentality – something I had struggled with for years. Turns out, people in other industries stopped buying that horse shit and were seeing REAL results from working smarter, not harder.

Key Highlights

  • WTF am I? [00:52]
  • My journey into becoming a mindset coach [02:32]
  • The story of how this podcast came to be [04:22]
  • What topics & takeaways you can expect in future episodes [06:26]


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