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#07 | Things to Do Every Day to Grow Your list

Grow through consistency. 

Struggling to grow your fanbase? It’s more about relationships than it is about numbers, and Suz shows you things you can do every day to strengthen those relationships & attract more people to your email list.

A large list of followers with a low percentage of engagement is useless. Numbers don’t buy products – people do.

Key Highlights

  • What NOT to do when learning something new [01:57]
  • 2 of my favorite List Building resources [03:16]
  • What is an Opt-In or Squeeze Page? [04:31]
  • What’s meant by Double Opt-In? [05:31]
  • What’s an Incentive Email? [06:15]
  • Understanding Email Funnels & Sequences [07:37]
  • Purposes of Automations & Segmentations [09:05]
  • Using Tripwires & Up-Sells [10:24]
  • Understanding Conversion Rates [11:48]
  • Daily actions you can take to grow your list [13:11]
  • Getting the word out [16:53]
  • Keeping a healthy mindset [18:52]

Determine actions to take each day to grow your fanbase in an engaged & authentic way.

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  • More episodes can be found here
  • You can download a copy of the episode’s transcript here
  • Take Nathalie Lussier’s 30 Day List Building Challenge here
  • Amy Porterfield’s List Builder’s Lab 2.0 online course is here
  • My Fan Funnel Checklist from Episode 6 can be found here
  • Try ConvertKit {*this is an affiliate link}
  • Try MailChimp
  • PopUp Ally is the plugin I use for my Opt-In pop-ups & embeds
  • Rick Mulready has great resources on FB Ads here

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