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#09 | Are Pity Parties Helpful?

Get Moving

Your 15 mins of sulking begins now. 

Having a bad day? A bad week? Year?!?! Let Suz show you how to give yourself permission to grieve, sulk, complain + when & how to pull yourself back up and get back to work!

Giving yourself permission to feel crappy, even if the reality is not as bad as it seems, is ok.

Key Highlights

  • What’s the point of planning & creating structure? [01:06]
  • The importance & purpose of having structure [01:45]
  • Pity Parties: should we have them? [03:30]
  • The 15-minute rule [03:58]
  • 5 Ways to leave your Pity Party [05:56]
  • An important list I keep near my desk [07:34]
  • Boundaries & expectations [09:49]
  • Your Pity Party Contract [10:47]

Give yourself permission to express your frustrations/sorrow/fear over a certain situation without allowing it to overtake you and prevent your productivity!


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