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#10 | Creating Your Self-Care Routine

Get Focused

Self-care is more than just naps. 

The New Year can often cause us to take on too much too soon. In order to find balance, Suz breaks down how to determine what practices help you maintain your focus & energy and how to ensure you turn those practices into daily habits .

Awareness is the focus, not judgment.

Key Highlights

  • A note for music-preneurs re: creativity [01:40]
  • New Parents vs. Music-Preneurs [03:16]
  • Danika Brysha’s Daily Self-Care Routine [04:02]
  • Important tip to remember when creating a routine [05:10]
  • Charles Duhigg’s tip about habits [05:41]
  • Routines vs. Reality [07:52]
  • Creating your own routine [09:30]


Decide what you need to do each day to feel recharged & focused to take on the day!



  • Theme music brought to you by DC-based Indie/Pop band Sub-Radio
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  • Carl Richard’s The Behavior Gap Radio episode re: schedules is here
  • Charles Duhigg’s The Power of Habit can be found here
  • Danika Brysha discusses her daily self-care routine here
  • Danielle LaPorte created a daily ritual worksheet here

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