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#11 | Silence the Fr@^d Talk!

Get Focused

Shut the fr@ud up already! 

It doesn’t take much to get us falling down that rabbit hole of self-doubt. A missed deadline, an under-attended show, a fight with a friend, or even seeing someone else’s highlight reel on social media – it can all trigger those feelings of fear of being a fraud. Listen up about how you can bypass those feelings that hold you back & empower yourself to keep going!

Mistakes don’t make you a fraud, they make you human.


Key Highlights

  • Fraud Litmus Test [01:47]
  • Not believing what you preach vs. Not following what you preach [2:19]
  • My Fraud Story [03:36]
  • You’re more than your mistakes [06:24]
  • What it means to believe in yourself [07:10]
  • A 2nd Fraud Story [08:12]
  • What I learned about being flawed [09:34]
  • 3 first steps to a fraud-free life [10:48]


Create your own way to shield yourself from unwanted doubts & distractions!



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