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#20 | Music-Preneur Spotlight: Cipha Sounds

Guest Interviews

Get ahead by paying it forward.

Join me as I sit down with NYC radio legend, Cipha Sounds, as he reveals the secrets that allowed him to build a career 20+ years strong and how he managed to leverage a career in radio to build his own successful path, merging hip-hop and comedy.

You want to keep your storefront clean and washed, but the numbers are in the back. You know what I’m saying So, I think people only pay attention to the front… I think they need to put some of that business sense into their daily activities.


Key Highlights

  • What’s kept Cipha Sounds in the game for so long [4:04]
  • Cipha’s grand vision [7:10]
  • Will Smith’s advice to him [11:25]
  • Building his own blueprint [12:38]
  • His main goal in life [19:08]
  • How he decides who he works with [20:11]
  • What he would tell his younger self [22:28]
  • Reading a room & being an empath [26:26]
  • The Four Agreements [31:19]
  • My 4 Speed-round Questions [31:54]


Cipha’s getting ready for Season 2 of Laff Mobb’s Laff Tracks, but in the meantime, check out Season 1 episodes here!



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