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#21 | When the Band is Out of Sync

Get Moving

There is no ‘I’ in band.

Feeling like everything is on your shoulders? Tired of trying to get everyone else in your band to care as much as you do? More often than not it comes down to clear communication and making sure you’re all working towards the same goals.

This is what happens when assumptions are made that you’re all on the same page simply because you’re in the same band!


Key Highlights

  • What always happens when I go to music conferences [0:30]
  • Reason #1 bands have trouble working together [02:58]
  • Reason #2 bands have trouble working together [04:42]
  • Reason #3 bands have trouble working together [05:41]
  • Reason #4 bands have trouble working together [06:19]
  • What to do before you speak to your band [08:17]
  • What not to do when voicing your grievances [10:30]
  • What to do when one member is the problem [11:38]
  • What to do once you’re on the same page [12:47]


Get on the same page & start working together as a band towards the same goals!



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