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#23 | Stop Taking Sh*t Personally

Get Focused

It ain’t about you.

It’s almost impossible not to take criticism personally when what you’re creating is so personal. By learning how to protect your heart without altering your art you’ll be more motivated to take action in spite of the naysayers & reach your goals!


In order to build that sustainable career you have to be able to maintain a positive mindset and that’s usually much easier said than done.


Key Highlights

  • The difficulty of taking things personally [0:35]
  • My lessons in taking on negativity [01:25]
  • My time in retail [01:54]
  • Park Avenue Pedigree at Crate & Barrel during the holidays [02:22]
  • My inner frustration in retail & wrongful assumptions [04:33]
  • Agreement #2 [05:14]
  • Pillow Talk & Drugs at Crate & Barrel [07:07]
  • Being the thing that goes right [11:32]


Breakdown a situation that you may have taken personally to see that it really wasn’t about you.



  • Theme music brought to you by DC-based Indie/Pop band Sub-Radio
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  • The Four Agreements, by don Miguel Ruiz


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