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#25 | Numbers That Are Ruining Your Career

Get Moving

Numbers don’t tell the whole truth.

While it’s important to track certain data in order to make informed decisions, certain number-watching is doing you more harm than good.

Labels are no longer the gate-keepers, your fans are, and fans are more than numbers. Instead of thinking in Likes & Follows think in people & relationships.


Key Highlights

  • What I get asked all the time [00:39]
  • Common mistakes with our goals [02:03]
  • What numbers can’t tell you [03:37]
  • Understanding your smart phone behavior [04:11]
  • How to break free from social media rabbit holes [05:04]
  • The importance of action steps [07:40]
  • The danger of vanity metrics [09:09]
  • Why you don’t need a large following [10:20]
  • Setting data boundaries [11:31]


Avoid drowning in numbers & focus on the engagement that will move your music career forward!

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