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#26 | Taking Out the Competition

Get Growing

Turn off the highlight reel.

Competition can motivate and challenge you put your best self forward, but there comes a point where it becomes unhealthy. Learn ways to manage it so it doesn’t go from motivation to madness.

This journey is difficult enough. Don’t be your own road block or get off course by looking 5 lanes over.


Key Highlights

  • How competition is different in the music industry [00:48]
  • When competition can be harmful [01:56]
  • My life in competition [03:46]
  • What I’ve realized about competition in hindsight [04:25]
  • What we’re really protecting [05:00]
  • Healthy v. Unhealthy competition [05:53]
  • Competition & Fraud Talk [06:33]
  • 3 Things to remember [09:17]
  • Market research in the music industry [10:30]
  • How to get out of unhealthy competition [11:48]


Talk yourself out of comparison paralysis and into motivated action!

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