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#27 | Mentors, Coaches & Peers, Oh My!

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The teammates no one talks about.

As the saying goes, it takes a village. We often talk about building a team but 3 crucial roles are often left out of the conversation.

Rather than feel as if building a team is so far out of reach in relation to where you’re currently at, realizing your team has already started to form can empower you to take action and get to the next milestone more quickly.


Key Highlights

  • The 3 team members we never talk about [01:00]
  • What a mentor is not [03:55]
  • My 3 mentors [04:31]
  • How to find your own mentor [06:02]
  • Coaches to be weary of [07:15]
  • Avoiding information overwhelm [08:16]
  • Your Board of Influencers [09:45]
  • Peers & the theory of 5 [10:33]


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