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#31 | The Freedom in Permission

Get Moving

Mother, may I?

Feeling stuck or unsure of where to go next in your career? Sometimes we are held back simply because we are waiting for permission to take the actions we already know we need to take.

It’s about what you believe to be the best thing at the time and then acting on that belief with confidence in your ability to learn something valuable either way.


Key Highlights

  • 3 things that happen when we don’t take action [01:07]
  • What permission looks like [02:07]
  • They type of permission to give ourselves [03:34]
  • WWYD: Being signed to a label [05:18]
  • WWYD: Starting a new business [07:33]
  • My 1:1 with Russell Simmons [09:04]
  • The beauty in failure [10:35]
  • The Music-Preneur Mindset Summit [11:17]


Give yourself the permission you need to do what you’ve been waiting to do!



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