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#38 | 3 Mindset Shifts for Greater Success

Get Focused

It’s all in your head. 

Welcome to Season 2!

Buying all the tools, books, and apps and still not getting ahead? It may be all in your head! Here are 3 mindset shifts that got me seeing results!

Here’s the thing – you’re NEVER ready. There will always be things you can’t predict or control. The only thing you CAN do is your best. Plain and simple.


Key Highlights

  • What’s in store for Season 2 [00:52]
  • The first mindset shift [02:31]
  • The true definition of perfection [03:33]
  • The second mindset shift [05:25]
  • Competition & Care Bear stare mentality [06:11]
  • The third mindset shift [08:01]
  • 3 tools to help you with shift #3 [12:25]




Learn how to get in the right mindset in order to make REAL progress towards your goals!


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