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#44 & 45 | Music-Preneur Spotlight: Cassandra Kubinski

Break Your Boundaries.

Ever feel like you have too many passions? Cassandra Kubinski illustrates how a multi-passionate creative finds and maintains focus and how you can learn to #BreakYourBoundaries {plus scroll down for a BONUS episode!}.

#BreakYourBoundaries evolved from a conversation I wanted to create around women particularly in the entertainment industry sharing with each other like where are we? Like where have we broken boundaries? Where are we up against further boundaries? And how can we work together, not just as women but as an entire entertainment community, to move through that?


Key Highlights

  • Cassandra’s journey through music [02:42]
  • How she decides where to put her focus [05:26]
  • Her mindset around success [06:55]
  • How she decides where to get involved [11:07]
  • The #BreakYourBoundaries movement [13:25]
  • Booking her world tour [17:45]
  • Educating & engaging her fans [25:07]
  • Her one superpower [29:59]
  • The lesson she’d tell her former self [30:23]
  • 3 musicians she’d have over for dinner [31:02]
  • Her 3 Win Challenge [31:46]



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  • More podcast episodes can be found here
  • You can download a copy of the episode’s transcript here
  • Learn more about Cassandra’s career and her latest projects here
  • Stream her music on Spotify and Pandora
  • Learn more about (& join) Women in Music here
  • Join the #BreakYouBoundaries movement by using the hashtag online and catch her You Never Told Me video!


Cassandra’s Actionable for You: Write down 3 WINS every night before you turn in 🙂

Celebrate this season with Cassandra’s holiday album, Holiday Magic!

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I sit down with Cassandra Kubinski to work through her road blocks when it comes to building out her team.

  • Learn how to onboard new team members from Amy Porterfield here


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