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#48 | The Importance of Calling Your Own Shots

Get Moving

You’re the expert of you.

Constantly looking to others to guide your next steps? Suz shares 3 reasons why it’s important to speak your mind & create your own path in the music industry.

I see this lament of “why can’t someone else do it?” coming from a place of fear and overwhelm – a place where confidence in the knowledge and power you already possess is low and the thought of taking more is suffocating.


Key Highlights

  • What it means to be a music-preneur
  • The real reasons you’d prefer someone else do it for you
  • How to delegate without giving up control
  • The importance of knowing where you’re at
  • How to learn to trust your gut
  • How to vet advice better



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Before blindly following another “industry expert”, ensure you’re working with/learning from them for the right reasons!


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