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#54 | The Importance of Routines

Get Focused

Ready. Set. Routine.

In an industry that is built on the unexpected, it can be difficult to work within a dependable framework. Build a solid structure within the chaos with simple, daily routines.

We don’t have to live constantly in a fight or flight mentality. The key is to be reflective so you don’t have to be reactive 24/7.


Key Highlights

  • Why we shouldn’t fight routines
  • What certain routines do for us
  • How to begin choosing a routine
  • How to add to it and maintain it
  • The importance of a nightly routine



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Build your own daily routine, whether for self-care or any other part of your career, in order to create structure you can depend on while keeping overwhelm at bay!


Your End of Day Check-In

It’s been well-documented that the most successful people in the world live by their morning and nightly routines. Even if you’re always on travel, waking up in a new environment each day, having a routine in place allows you to stay centered and grounded as the world around you is in constant flux.

You don’t have to do anything fancy, just a few basic exercises can get you ready for a peaceful night’s sleep so you can wake refreshed and focused the next morning.

With 3 simple but powerful prompts you can easily track your daily habits, get in a mindset of gratitude, and get focused on what you want to tackle the next day. Each 4.25″x5.5″ notepad comes with 50 tear-away pages.


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