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#56 | Music-Preneur Spotlight: Jeremy Young

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Once we reach a certain goal we think we’re done – done working hard, done making mistakes. Being a music-preneur means being willing to learn new things. Jeremy shares the importance education has played throughout his journey as a musician and Editor-In-Chief of Flypaper, Soundfly’s blog.

The world is your classroom when it comes to music and every single person can be a teacher.

Key Highlights

  • Jeremy’s start as a music-preneur
  • His top tip when having an entrepreneur mindset
  • Sontag Shogun’s genreless music
  • Their journey to getting signed
  • Why Soundfly values education
  • Jeremy’s one super power
  • The one lesson he’d like to go back and tell himself
  • The 3 musicians he’d invite to dinner


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