#61: Music-Preneur Spotlight: MGSP | The Rock/Star Advocate

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#61 | Music-Preneur Spotlight: MGSP

Please believe the signs.

Closing out Mental Health Awareness Month, I sat down with pop-rock duo MGSP to discuss their personal experiences with depression, anxiety, and how they address their struggles through their music.

I never spent time with myself to understand who I am and what… a lot of times you think you’re doing the right thing for yourself but most of the time that’s kind of wrong – you’re living for other people.

Key Highlights

  • Their songwriting process
  • Their inspiration for their new single, Signs
  • How they address mental illness and their personal struggles in their music
  • How Matt began personal relationships with himself
  • How they deal with and support each other through the tough times
  • What they each do to cope when times get tough
  • Their wishful superpowers
  • 3 musicians they’d invite to dinner
  • A lesson they would each tell their younger self
  • What they want YOU to do this week


  • Theme music brought to you by DC-based Indie/Pop band Sub-Radio
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  • You can download a copy of the episode’s transcript here
  • Check out Steven Pressfield’s book The Art of War here
  • Check out MGSP’s website here and be sure to check out their blog!
  • Watch, like, and share their latest video for Signs here
  • Connect with them on Instagram here

Gregg & Matt’s Actionable

Gregg wants you to wake up each morning and journal freely for 10 minutes to purge your thoughts. Matt suggests you start/end each day with gratitude. Why not try both?!?

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Catch their latest single Signs out now!

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