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#71|Music-Preneur Spotlight: Ari Herstand

The poster child of ‘DIY music’.

I sat down with Ari Herstand to discuss the latest edition of his book, How to Make It in the New Music Business, his career, his detractors, and how leading with his ‘Why’ has never led him wrong.

I am the only person on planet earth who is a working musician, who is also a blogger, who now also has access to talk to virtually anyone I want in the industry and get their information. And so I almost felt it was my duty and responsibility to write the book.

Key Highlights

  • Ari describes his Why
  • His ability to stay consistent {or not!} with his blog, Ari’s Take
  • How he handles detractors
  • The cancel culture and if he thinks about it
  • His journey to becoming a best-selling author
  • Why he decided on releasing a 2nd edition of his book now
  • The lesson he would go back and tell himself
  • The 3 musicians he’d invite to dinner
  • The superpower he’d like to have
  • His actionable for you this week: SET CONCRETE GOALS!


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