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#74|Music-Preneur Spotlight: Leah McHenry

Embracing the culture of your art.

I sat down with mom-preneur badass, Leah McHenry to discuss the business of marketing, getting to know your fans on a deeper level, and building a career that fits your lifestyle.

I may be spontaneous at times. I’m fully, thoroughly an artist – I love being spontaneous! But I’ve learned the more I plan things out and the more strategic I can be, the better the result is.

Key Highlights

  • Her new music, Ancient Winter, and how she choose the singles
  • How she decides on her music videos and graphic designs & merch
  • Why she gave up studying the music business
  • Why she sees her music career as an e-commerce business
  • What her fans have taught her
  • How she finds the time with 5 kids
  • How she’s built her team & what her hiring process is
  • Details on her two programs: The Online Musician & Super Fan System Elite
  • How to book a call with her
  • What lesson she’d teach her younger self
  • What her super power would be
  • 3 musicians she’d invite to dinner
  • The one thing she wants you to go do right now


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  • Learn about her offerings at Savvy Musician Academy here
  • Download, stream, and learn more about her new album, Ancient Winter, here!
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Listen to Ancient Winter Here
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