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Music-Preneur Mindset Podcast Robonzo Suz Paulinski

#79 | Music-Preneur Spotlight: Robonzo

How can I be of service?

Robonzo, a musician who’s made a career from gigging and coaching others on how to do the same, shares his secrets on how to build a sustainable career doing what you love and how to take action before you’re ready.

Everything’s a long game and by the time you get done with the one phase things may have changed for the other ones you had big plans for, and you may find that your passion has suddenly evolved in another area altogether!

Key Highlights

  • His biggest lesson from playing so many live shows
  • How he stays focused on serving at live shows
  • How he prepares for shows
  • His journey from gigging musician to author and coach
  • Tips for booking:
    • Reach out in Facebook musician communities that are local to the areas you want to play
    • Continue to build your email list and ask your audience for help, as Shannon Curtis does
    • Ask your fellow musicians for help!
  • Getting out of the “starving musician” mindset:
    • Hire a coach to work with
    • Focus on the basics and take action on them
    • Step back and take a break when needed
  • The lesson he’d go back and tell his younger self
  • The super power he’d like to have
  • 3 musicians Robonzo would invite to dinner
  • His actionable for YOU this week:
    • SEEK HELP! From a coach, peers, anywhere. Identify where you need help and speak up and ask for that help.


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