#81 | Spotlight: Jason Spiewak | The Rock/Star Advocate

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Music-Preneur Mindset Podcast Jason Spiewak The Rock/Star Advocate

#81 | Music-Preneur Spotlight: Jason Spiewak

Going the extra M.I.L.E.

Jason Spiewak takes us through his rise in the industry and how he’s been able to sustain through waves of immense industry change by sticking to his values & the faith that great music will always find an audience.

It is about learning and educating yourself and I learn something new every day. And I think it’s been very helpful in my professional evolution because those who had all of the answers when I got into the business, with very few exceptions, are now doing other shit.

Key Highlights

  • What it takes to be a touring musician
  • How he broke into the business side
  • His transition from record label president to independent manager
  • What managers are looking for
  • Why giving back is a natural part of what he does
  • The lesson he’d go back and tell her younger self
  • The super power he’d like to have
  • 3 musicians Jason would invite to dinner
  • His actionable for YOU this week:
    • Write some new shit and drop your tools that aren’t working!


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