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Grieving During Quarantine Music-preneur Mindset Podcast Suz Paulinski

#84 | Grieving During Quarantine

Self-isolating through the stages.

It’s no surprise grief is something we have all been struggling with during this global pandemic, for a variety of reasons and on a spectrum of levels. Suz shares the struggles of her own grief, explains the different types of grief we’re all trying to process and shares a few ways she’s learned to cope with it all.

As I explained in the last episode around productivity – fuck it. There’s no blueprint for any of this so stop trying to live up to some specific standard as the valedictorian of the pandemic.

Key Highlights

  • The loss I’ve been experiencing
  • How I grieved after my father died
  • Moral Fatigue: what it is and why we’re feeling it
  • The Psychology of Death & Dying: Why we mourn people we don’t know
  • My 5 tips for coping with grief during self-isolation


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