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Time-Blocking Marker Set

Feeling like there’s never any time?!?!

Yea, I’ve been there.

You make a list of eeeevvvveerrrryyyything you need to get done, but nothing ever feels like it’s close to getting done.

That’s because you’re too busy multitasking!

And that doesn’t work.

Trust me. It’s scientifically proven – human CANNOT multitask!

I’ve been time-blocking my schedule for over 2 years now and it’s a game-changer. When you set aside chunks of time in your schedule to focus on specific tasks and block out all the other distractions {even when those distractions feel important – we call that False Urgency} you finish what’s on your plate and get closer to your ultimate goals.

For instance, here’s an example of my schedule from a few years ago when I first started time-blocking. It looks a bit different now, as your life changes so will your schedule, but time-blocking is more flexible than it sounds.

I walk you through how to do it with a free Time-Blocking Tutorial that comes with the marker set!

Up your planning game by designating sections of your schedule to specific areas of your life & career.

For only $10 + $2.99 for S&H, you can make a BIG difference in your goal-achieving progress!


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