Your Soundboard Outside of the Studio.

Hey there! I’m Suzanne {Suz}, a mindset coach for music industry professionals. I know, wtf does that mean?!?

It doesn’t matter if you’re the talent on stage or running things behind the curtains, I help music-preneurs of all kinds create a sustainable career in the music industry.

You can consider me a mindset master, a goal-setting guide, or a systems specialist. I consider myself an advocate for your success, however that support is needed.

Allow me to help you maintain a healthy mindset, develop clear & attainable goals, and build effective structures that allow you to have a successful career on your terms!

Whether through my 1:1 consulting, group programs, video courses, premium templates, free ‘Rock’sources, or other helpful tools, I’m here to ensure you get to where you deserve to be – living a life free of overwhelm & full of creative expression.

Do It Yourself ≠ Do It Alone

Shout out to @RockStarAdvo. She has me on a program to get more organized & it’s working!!!Cipha Sounds, TV Host/Comedian/Writer/DJ

Where You Are Now

I’ve been there!

I know you. I was you. I worked 3 jobs at a time because I wanted it all. I shut myself away from friends & family because I didn’t have time for distractions. I ate on the go {read: junk food} & deprived myself of sleep because I others needed to know I wanted it & I would stop at nothing to get it.

It worked. Until it didn’t. Until I got so sick that the only choice I had was to find a better way. I found it. And I’m here to share it with you so you don’t ever get to where you don’t have a choice.

Ready to Stop Doing it Alone?

What Life Could Be Like

It can happen! But you can’t do it alone.

Don’t waste another minute trying to prove to yourself your way will {eventually} work. Stop trying to prove to others you want it more by burning the candle at both ends. Get rid of the word “should” and be honest with yourself about what you really want.

It’s time to #RedefineTheHustle!

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Don’t Ignore What Matters

Suzanne saved me during this launch! A look inside so many things we often take for granted as artists, but we wholly need to sustain our careers.Steve Palfreyman, Musician/Founder of The Music Launch Hub

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