Hey! I'm Suz, your Rock/Star Advocate. 

What's a Rock/Star Advocate? Fair question.

Whether you're a musician, manager, or musicpreneur, I'm here to keep you focused and keep you grounded so you can reach your FULL potential!


I'm here as your personal advocate. I'll teach you the business of selling your music, how to stay focused and motivated while wearing 100 hats, how to get what you want without ever burning bridges and SO. MUCH. MORE!


STOP running in circles, help is on the way! Check it:


Consider me your Consultant.

Your Motivator.

Your Negotiator.

Your Gladiator.


Consider me the Olivia Pope of the music industry

& consider your dreams handled.


Corina Corina

I love the relationship I have with Suz. I recently signed a 3-year booking deal & she has been there for me from start to finish. Her unique set of skills has benefited me by not only being able to go through all the contract language with me, but also by being an emotional support, walking me through all of the pros & cons of how this deal is going to change my life. There's no way I'd be as comfortable as I am with all my career decisions without her unwavering support!
Corina Corina, artist with Deep Thinka Records


Hi, I'm Suz!

I'm an empathetic sass-mouth from Queens with no tolerance for the phrase, "cool beans." Oh, and Anna Kendrick is my spirit animal.



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