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Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions, I’ve got answers!

Are you a manager?
Not exactly. As a mindset coach, I’m here to make sure you are ready to build your craft into a sustainable career. Whether you’re a musician, producer, manager, or any other type of musicpreneur, I focus on accountability, strategy, and balance. I stay behind the scenes and do not book shows, exploit your music, or speak on your behalf to others. If you were an athlete, think of me as your personal trainer when you’re off the field.
How can I ensure results?
Whenever there is a relationship to be worked on, the process and progress is only as effective/ineffective as the people involved allow it to be. I will always give 110% and expect the same from my clients. I make no guarantees on results. My only advice to you in order to see results is to SHOW UP. Be present, ask questions, and be honest about how you’re feeling in the process and all should go in your favor 🙂
How long is the process?

I’m around as long as you need me. Some services have a 1-day turn-around time, some take a few hours, and others are ongoing as needed.

It’s YOUR call!

If you prefer to learn on your own time & at your own pace, I offer products you can download today & get started. For more information you can read up on our full list of services, check out our complete product line, or schedule a call with me and we’ll get you started with the support that’s best for you!

I don't have much of a budget. How can I work with you?
1-on-1 services are an investment, however payment plans are available for most services. I have also created an affordable group consulting program that provides ample support and weekly access to yours truly for less than $1.50/day! In addition, I have products + a slew of FREE resources that you can use daily to hold yourself accountable, stay organized, and gain structure in your career. You can also get support from my weekly podcast and Instagram posts!

I know what services I want. What's next?

That’s great! You can get started 1 of 3 ways:

  1. Email Me with “I’m Ready to Rock” in the subject line and the service(s) you would like in the body of the email, along with the best way/time to contact you. I will get back to you within 24 hours to get started!


2. Fill out my Work With Me form so we can discuss how I can best serve you as well as the exact details of the service(s) I will be providing.


3. Click on the ‘I Want This’ button for the services that provide that option. You can then proceed to check-out and, upon purchase, an email will be sent to you with next steps.

I'm an artist that isn't signed, & I don't have a manager, will you work with me?

My mission is to help musicians & musicpreneurs get where they need to be, now matter where their starting point is. However, team or no team, the people I work with either have or are pursuing a full-time career in the industry, so if you are not sure you are ready to make that jump please consider utilizing my free resources & industry products until then.

Interested in working with me? Well, let me tell you a little bit about the person I’m DYING to work with and you can see if you’re in the right place:

  • They LOVE what they do, although they would love to find a better work/life balance
  • They’re ready to ask for help, because they’ve finally realized asking for help ≠ giving up
  • They’re open minded to new ways of approaching issues and tackling obstacles
  • They are ready to learn that sometimes the “hustle” means taking a break to recharge, not skipping the vacation just to burn out
  • They are serious about making the growth of their career a top priority in their life

If this is YOU I can’t WAIT to hear from you! Let’s schedule a time to talk 🙂

If this isn’t you… I may not be the best person for you to work with, but I appreciate you stopping by to check out my site!

Is what we discuss confidential?
Short of telling me you’ve committed a crime or plan to bring harm to yourself or others, yes. What we discuss is 110% confidential unless you give permission otherwise.
What are your website's Terms & Conditions?
You can view a full printout of the Terms & Conditions of the website for The Rock/Star Advocate® here.
What can I expect working with you?

Working with me you can expect 2 things: Passion & Compassion.

As The Rock/Star Advocate®, I consult with musicians & musicpreneurs to increase their confidence & clarity when setting & achieving goals to grow their career in music.

Consider me your music career’s BFF

Explaining this industry to people outside of it can be tough. It starts to feel like your family & friends don’t understand your plight, no matter how you try to explain it to them. Sometimes you just need to talk to someone who get’s it. I get it. I am here to be your soundboard outside of the studio. Your confidante. Your guiding light. Your travel companion on this long, winding journey through the music industry.

I am passionate about my beliefs:

  • I believe there is always room for compromise
  • I believe breaking an artist is stressful for all involved, but each may be stressed for different reasons
  • I believe you never know what someone is truly going through until you stop to listen
  • I believe you can do it by yourself, but you shouldn’t have to
  • I believe teamwork makes the dreamwork!

Working with me you will get:

  • An ear to listen
  • A shoulder to cry on
  • A pillar of strength to lean on
  • An open space to confide in
  • An outside eye to help you see things in a new light & move forward with a clear vision
  • A clear vision on your next steps & what your true purpose is in this industry

Want to know more about me? I invite you to learn more by reading my About page.

What is your Privacy Policy?
Review a full printout of the Privacy Policies of The Rock/Star Advocate®.
What services/products do you offer?
You can access a list of my services and a full list of products here.
How can I purchase the Planner?

You can order a physical copy from my store during the presale period between Sept 1-30 or become a client anytime and receive one automatically!

Digital planners are always available for purchase via the online store.

What if I can't afford private coaching?

You can join my monthly accountability and coaching program, Rock/Star Slackers™ for less than $1.50 a day.

Ta Da!

Did I miss any questions? If I did, then they aren’t frequently asked!

But, don’t feel silly and alone, I’ll still do my best to answer it!

Email Me!

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