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Suz is a mindset coach for music industry professionals looking to gain clarity on their goals & find a better work/life balance.





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Accountability FTW!

When we are held accountable to someone we’re more likely to

SHOW UP & get the work DONE!

I created Rock/Star Slackers™ to enable all music-preneurs {that’s YOU} to afford a team they can rely on to help them stay focused, bounce ideas off of when they’re stuck, and feel cheered on & supported when the going gets tough!

Rock/Star Slackers™ is a monthly group consulting, weekly accountability subscription program hosted on the free Slack app aimed at helping you set goals for yourself, stay accountable to your deadlines, and figure out your next steps while maintaining a sense of balance & clarity.

It’s a join anytime, cancel anytime program that will allow you to create & grow in a community of people who are on similar paths and dealing with similar struggles.

Your choice of 3 payment options below & you’ll receive the following:

1. Rolling drip of tools and tutorials to carry out various micro-tasks and day-to-day admin tasks as a music-preneur {spreadsheet templates, checklists, short, digestible video tutorials on things like copyrights, PRO registration, digital distribution, social media apps to automate tasks, etc.};

2. Daily motivational prompts/inspirational messages via Slack;

3. Monday Morning Motivation – weekly message via Slack that shares a lesson/tips to help keep you focused and on task;

4. Friday Reflection – weekly review via brief survey. Answers are confidential between you & I and to help shape what info is shared in weekly messages {i.e. personal info won’t be shared but if there’s an issue that you’re having, the weekly messages will reflect ways to help overcome those roadblocks};

5. Monthly Q+A – we will all declare our goals, share our wins, purge our hangups/”failures” from the last month, and any questions that are had will be answered. The video call will be recorded and a spreadsheet will be shared for everyone to enter in their goals, wins, hangups and list their questions if they’d like. The link to the recording will then be saved on a channel in Slack for members to rewatch as needed;

6. All members get 20% off any/all services {unless already on sale} for as long as they’re members.

So whaddya say?!?

You ready to be a Slacker & get more done?!?

Choose ONE of the two options below. With either option you will receive an email from PayPal® when your subscription is about to renew. You will then have the option to continue your subscription {no action required} or cancel {simply click the link to cancel in the email}.


QUARTERLY SUBSCRIPTION: $125/every 3 months + a FREE copy of The Rock/Star Life Planner {$46 in savings}

BI-ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION: $245/every 6 months + a FREE copy of The Rock/Star Life Planner & Exclusive Welcome Package {over $67 in savings}

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