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Rock/Star Slackers™

Tired of falling behind?

Have a team in your corner to hold you accountable to your goals!

I created Rock/Star Slackers™ to enable all music-preneurs {that’s YOU} to afford a team they can rely on to help them stay focused, bounce ideas off of when they’re stuck, and feel supported when the going gets tough!

Rock/Star Slackers™ is a subscription service hosted on the free Slack app aimed at helping you set clear goals, stay accountable to your deadlines, and figure out your next steps while maintaining a sense of balance & clarity amidst a community who gets it.

Grow within a community of music professionals who are on similar paths and dealing with similar struggles, without breaking the bank.

*THERE IS A 3-MONTH MINIMUM TO JOIN* to be paid out in equal monthly installments. We have found in over 2 years of running this program that that time frame allows you to get the MOST from your time with us so you can see the BEST results.

Is your ToDo list never-ending no matter how hard you work?

Rock/Star Slackers™ creates a weekly structure for you to set goals and then work with INTENTION to accomplish them, as opposed to:

  • letting yourself down, producing fewer songs per month than you want to
  • booking fewer shows because you’re struggling to balance it with work that pays the bills
  • brainstorming new ways to raise cash to record that next album and feeling it slip further and further away…


As a Slacker, you may experience the following:

  • Improved motivation
  • Writing and recording new songs
  • Booking more shows
  • Growing your social media following
  • Wasting less time by being clear on your next steps
  • Making new musician friends who get it

Just look at what some of our Slackers have accomplished when they’re able to stay on track with the goals they’ve set:

There are TWO tiers in Slackers, but in BOTH tiers you’ll receive the following:

1. EXCLUSIVE TOOLS & TUTORIALS to carry out various micro-tasks and day-to-day admin tasks as a music-preneur {spreadsheet templates, checklists, short, digestible video tutorials on things like copyrights, PRO registration, digital distribution, social media apps to automate tasks, etc.};

2. WEEKLY ACCOUNTABILITY + OFFICE HOURS – every Monday, Wednesday and Friday our team is in Slack checking in with you to help keep you focused and on track with the goals you’ve set PLUS every Thursdays Suz is available to address road blocks that may have popped up so you can bust through them with ease & KEEP IT MOVING;

3. WEEKLY REFLECTION – every Sunday you’ll receive a brief survey via email to answer so we know what you want to accomplish in the coming week. Answers are confidential between you & our team and past surveys are kept on your client portal so you can go back and review your progress;

4. MONTHLY Q+A – Suz hosts a monthly video call to address any questions that come up with each and every Slacker with access to the recording of the call on a channel in Slack for members to rewatch as needed;

5. ALL MEMBERS RECEIVE 20% off any/all services {unless already on sale} for as long as they’re members.

So whaddya say?!?

You ready to be a Slacker & get more done?!?

Choose ONE of the tiers below that best meets your needs. With either option you will receive an email when your subscription is about to renew. You will then have the option to continue your subscription {no action required} or cancel {simply click the link to cancel in the email}.


MONTHLY COST: $47/month*

*You will be charged $47/month for every month you are a member. There is a 3 month minimum for new Slackers.

  • Everything above {weekly accountability is done in a public channel}
  • A copy of The Rock/Star Life Planner


MONTHLY COST: $97/month*

*You will be charged $97/month for every month you are a member. There is a 3 month minimum for new Slackers.

  • Everything above {weekly accountability is done in a private channel w/ Suz & her team}
  • A copy of The Rock/Star Life Planner
  • A FREE 60-min private call w/ Suz every 3 months to get you clear on your goals for the quarter

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