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noun: rock/star
Someone who is grounded as a rock in order to allow their inner star to shine & reach its full potential by working smarter, not harder. They do not engage in sleep shaming, self-medicating, or shiny-object-syndrome. 


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These days I'm a mindset coach with a Masters in Psychology, guiding music professionals to a healthier work/life balance, but I used to be a head-down, workaholic sleep-shamer who believed the more I sacrificed the more successful I'd be. Because that's the bill of goods this industry sold to me for years.

After years of sleepless nights, hefty therapy bills & a health diagnosis that served as a GIANT wake-up call, I finally gave into the whole "working smarter not harder" concept & wouldn't ya know... It worked!

It can work for you, too! You don't have to keep spinning your wheels. You can slow down & still create the career in music you desire. 

I promise, stick with me & I'll show you how!

And the Music Industry almost killed me

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-Corina Corina:
singer-songwriter + blogger

Corina Corina is a singer-songwriter and has published articles in publications like The Elephant Journal, sharing her story + struggles. Her third full-length, Hangover Music, is out now.

"I love the relationship I have with Suz… There’s no way I’d be as comfortable as I am with all my career decisions without her unwavering support."

— Cipha sounds:
DJ, TV Host & Comedian

Cipha Sounds has been responsible for breaking artists like Rihanna and Rick Ross, has shared the stage with some of the world’s biggest musicians and comedians – from Jay Z to Dave Chappelle – and has established himself as a respected figure in New York’s stand-up and improv scenes. He is currently signed to Roc Nation management, and is gearing up to host his second season of truTV’s Laff Mobb’s Laff Tracks.

"Shout out to @RockStarAdvo, she has me on a program to get me more organized & it's working!!!"

— Chrysanthe Tan: Composer, violinist, singer-songwriter

Chrysanthe Tan (she/they) is a Cambodian-Greek-American composer, violinist, and singer-songwriter based in LA. As a violinist, Chysanthe has toured internationally, recorded, and performed with artists like Ariana Grande, Paul Anka, Halsey, Common, Alicia Keys, and Bastille and performed extensively on TV shows like Glee, America’s Next Top Model, and the American Music Awards.

"Adopting my scheduling system to the way presented in The Rock/Star Life Planner has had a significant positive impact on my focus, productivity, confidence, mental health, and life."



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