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The  Rock/Star Life Planner

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The Rock/Star Life Planner is a 365 day planner designed with you, the creative-entrepreneur, in mind. Organize your appointments, manage your finances, and keep track of where to put your focus each day with The 2023 Rock/Star Life Planner. Access spreadsheets, checklists, & other tools to help you stay on top of it all + avoid the burnout!

*** PLEASE NOTE: Physical versions of The Rock/Star Life Planner are available only for clients of The Rock/Star Advocate outside of the annual Pre-Sale period which took place during the entire month September. ***

Digital versions of the planner are still available for purchase to either be self-printed or uploaded to GoodNotes 5 app for a digital planning experience. Click to access our GoodNotes 5 tutorial.

If you want to learn more about the ways we can support you and your music career {and get a physical version of the planner!} click here.

1 329 page weekly planner as a digital PDF file
>>Year-Long Calendar {avoid missing future opportunities & plan out launches}
>>Monthly Vision Boards {attract what you want & let your creativity run free}
>>Full-year Financial Spreadsheet {finally gain control of your income}
>>Weekly Planning Prompts {clarify your focus and prioritize your tasks}

Additional digital tools & templates (yours FREE) to manage the career you’ve always wanted.

The 2023 Rock/Star Life Planner
{Digital Version}

- Ariel Hyatt, Founder of Cyber Pr

"I have been reading and writing books that help musicians for the past 10 years and I have seen them all. This one is special because it will put you into action immediately to start to get the things that you want in your music career. Suz breaks down what you need to do easily and in a way that won't stop you with overwhelming tasks. Buy this book now and start feeling real momentum in your music career."

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- Niko Vaude, Musician + Producer

"I seriously don't leave home without it. It's perhaps the cheapest but one of the most effective investments I made. I feel like I can breathe when I plan my week out every Sunday."

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- kindle customer

"This planner is essential for ALL musicians! Easy to use, simple, straight forward and its a perfect motivator. Makes a career in music a lot better PLUS its like having a sidekick always assisting you when needed. Anyone in with a career in music or as little as a weekend band should pick this gem up!"

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- Brianna Ruelas, strategy Consultant, Singer/Songwriter + AUthor

"I love this planner! This planner takes into the account the importance of self-care and self-awareness, so that you can experience maximum effectiveness and efficiency with your work and/or creative endeavors. It is clear that the Authors truly care and wish to make the work/life balance a reality for every artist."

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- Chrysanthe Tan, Composer + former violinist for Ariana Grande

"I love that it urges me to view my goals and tasks from both a macro & micro perspective. That's really important for me."

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- Greg Wilnau, musician and Podcast host

"If I'd learned the principles of planning, taking action, and how to use a tool like your planner when I started pursuing my music seriously I would NEVER have ran into the same walls again and again. Thank you!"

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- Zak Sloan, Musician

"Awesome planner, love it and use it every day. Very helpful for anyone trying to organize themselves in a thoughtful manner."

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- Megan Kleven, singer-songwriter

"I feel like I'm able to organize multiple facets of my life rather than just focusing on my business goals and schedule - and I think my business goals are being reached more often because of that inclusion."

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While we always encourage you to use pencil + paper for when planning {it has been proven most effective for reaching your goals} sometimes our devices are just more convenient.

Which is why we offer a Digital Planner that integrates seamlessly with GoodNotes 5!

Check out our product tutorials playlist on YouTube to learn how to set up your Digital Planner quickly + easily.

{NOTE: It works best with an iPad or Tablet!}

Planning Digitally?


Planners In Action!

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