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#24 | Music-Preneur Spotlight: Lesley Barth

Taking a leap of faith.

Singer-songwriter Lesley Barth discusses how she made the leap from part-time musician to full-time music-preneur & how she plans on sustaining her progress.

I think the reason I knew was because I realized I felt that I was no longer getting out of it more than I was putting in. I feel like I’m just at pivot point and I want to put all my weight behind it.

Key Highlights

  • Our spotlights so far [00:38]
  • Lesley Barth, our first female guest [01:04]
  • Lesley’s start in music [02:24]
  • Her vision for being a musician [06:12]
  • What pushed her to decide to leave her day-job [07:31]
  • Beyonce-ing her first EP [10:11]
  • 3 important lessons she keeps with her [12:20]
  • Her approach to marketing [15:50]
  • Living with another full-time musician [17:47]
  • Importance of delineation with business & music [22:00]
  • Making the leap to full-time music-preneur [24:15]
  • What she’d do with 1 extra hour [28:25]
  • Who she’d collaborate with [29:00]
  • Her big ASK [29:59]
  • Her actionable for YOU [30:45]

Take a listen to Lesley’s latest music from her album, Green Hearts, OUT NOW!


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