Suz is a mindset coach for music industry professionals looking to gain clarity on their goals & find a better work/life balance.


What can I expect working with you?

Working with me you can expect 2 things: Passion & Compassion.

As The Rock/Star Advocate®, I consult with musicians & music-preneurs to increase their confidence & clarity when setting & achieving goals to grow their career in music.

Consider me your music career’s BFF

Explaining this industry to people outside of it can be tough. It starts to feel like your family & friends don’t understand your plight, no matter how you try to explain it to them. Sometimes you just need to talk to someone who get’s it. I get it. I am here to be your soundboard outside of the studio. Your confident. Your guiding light. Your travel companion on this long, winding journey through the music industry.

I am passionate about my beliefs:

  • I believe there is always room for compromise
  • I believe breaking an artist is stressful for all involved, but each may be stressed for different reasons
  • I believe you never know what someone is truly going through until you stop to listen
  • I believe you can do it by yourself, but you shouldn’t have to
  • I believe teamwork makes the dreamwork!

Working with me you will get:

  • An ear to listen
  • A shoulder to cry on
  • A pillar of strength to lean on
  • An open space to confide in
  • An outside eye to help you see things in a new light & move forward with a clear vision
  • A clear vision on your next steps & what your true purpose is in this industry

Want to know more about me? I invite you to learn more by reading my About page.

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