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The Music-Preneur Mindset Podcast Pam and Dyalekt Suz Paulinski

#106 | Mental Health in Music: Pam Capalad & Dyalekt

More shame, more problems.

Suz is joined by Brunch & Budget founder, Pamela Capalad and Brian ‘Dyalekt’ Kushner to talk about the link between your finances and your mental health, why the systems around us have been built for us to fail, and how to take back control of your wealth.

If you are stressed out by the idea of dealing with your finances, I want you to know that you’re not wrong, stupid or alone. We’re all going through the same journey with you, and I want you to find that light at the end of the tunnel when it doesn’t have to be on top of your mind.

Key Highlights

  • Why financial planning is a tool for liberation
  • How the financial system sets people up for failure
  • The reason your credit score is bullshit
  • How the news uses fear to get you to spend more money
  • How Pam went from studying literature to becoming a CFP
  • Their Pockets Change program and why they feel passionate about bringing financial planning and literacy to students
  • Integrating hip hop with financial planning
  • How the exploitation of artists in music industry reflects exploitation in all areas of business
  • How financial literacy is different for POC with generational oppression and how See Change is helping
  • Why you deserve to treat yourself regardless of your financial standing
  • How YOU can take action on your finances today
  • What will you commit to doing to improve your relationship with money?
    • Let us know in the comments!


  • Theme music brought to you by DC-based Indie/Pop band Sub-Radio
  • More podcast episodes can be found here
  • You can download a copy of the episode’s transcript here
  • Wanna work together?? Schedule your call here
  • If you are a POC looking for mental health resources aimed at addressing your needs, or if you would like to donate to the Therapy Fund, visit The Loveland Foundation here
  • Check out the Hip Hop CU here
  • Learn more about Pockets Change
  • Learn more about See Change here {5 spots still available at time of publication!}
  • Check out all resources and available services from Brunch & Budget
  • Listen to the Brunch & Budget podcast on Spotify here
  • Listen to The Race & Wealth Podcast Network on Spotify here
  • Learn more about Spondulics here and watch out for the upcoming EP, Save Your Assets!

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