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Music-preneur Mindset Podcast PR Made Easy Ariel Hyatt Suz Paulinski

#107 | PR Made Easy with Ariel Hyatt

Don’t sweat it.

Suz is joined by her good friend, Ariel Hyatt, CEO and Founder of Cyber PR, to debunk many common PR and Social Media myths for independent musicians and discuss what you can expect in her latest best-seller, The Ultimate Guide to Music Publicity.

I think the true core of all of it is I love artists. I love music. That’s always at the core of it. And I have, I think, I hope, a deep understanding for the plight that artists face, and I love working with artists.

Key Highlights

  • How Ariel has managed to stay in the music biz for 25+ years
  • How “the hustle” kills curiosity and passion
  • Why relationships are the backbone of PR
  • Why PR is never the first thing you should spend money on in your music career
  • How PR looks different at different stages of your artist career
  • The difference between PR and Publicity
  • The first step to take when you think you’re ready for PR
  • What was your favorite PR tip Ariel shared from the epsiode?
    • Let us know in the comments!


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