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#111 | What’s Next for This Podcast?

With every season turn, turn, turn.

Suz details what you can expect during the remaining weeks of Season 4 and what’s ahead for Season 5 of this podcast later this fall!

This podcast’s true mission was always been to have the conversations that weren’t being had in this industry. When it’s this much work to churn out episodes, I want to make sure they’re saying something to spark new ideas and conversations because that’s how change happens.

You’re listening to Episode 111 of the Music-Preneur Mindset Podcast.

Hello! You’re listening to Episode 111: What’s Next for This Podcast?.

I’m your host, Suz, a mindset + productivity coach helping music professionals get clear on their goals, priorities, and next steps all while decreasing overwhelm and avoiding burnout.

This episode is brought to you by my weekly accountability and monthly coaching program, Rock/Star Slackers™, which was created to get you focused on what matters and overcome that pesky perfectionism, controlling comparison paralysis, and Debbie downer moments that keep you from getting shit done!

I’ve got a SPECIAL limited time offer for you to join Slackers this week, but more on that in a bit, so don’t go anywhere! I want to first jump into an even bigger announcement with what’s next for this podcast!

As many of you know, I’ve done four seasons of this podcast, beginning with my very first episode in January of 2018, after hosting my very first in-person summit of the same name.

I’ve had so much fun doing this show. It hasn’t always been easy, ok it’s never been easy, but I’ve SO enjoyed reading the feedback so many of you have graciously sent to me via email, Instagram DM, podcast review, and show notes comment. And don’t worry, I’m not stopping!

Sorry if I gave you some panic there, this isn’t a goodbye!

However, things are going to be changing.

Over the last four seasons I’ve been working on other projects and developing other messages I feel are important to get out there in the industry so musicians and industry creatives alike realize they’re not alone and that there’s a way to build their dream career without the overwhelm and burnout.

For four seasons I’ve discussed everything around the focus of musicpreneurship and how to see yourself as an entrepreneur who’s building a career they love in the music industry. While that’s still a very important topic to discuss, I feel there are more people now talking about it and there are other things being left unsaid.

I no longer feel compelled to “get the word out” about musicpreneurship because it’s out there, people get it. Years ago if you googled that term not much would show up. But now, type musicpreneur into Google and websites, ecourses, books and more will flood your screen.

And that’s great! I’m thrilled more people are talking about it and I am so happy there are so many people out there shifting into that CEO mindset so they can take control of their career and build a business they love like the boss they are, not “just” a musician or a manager or a booking agent or a freelancer.

But this podcast’s true mission was always been to have the conversations that weren’t being had in this industry. When it’s this much work to churn out episodes, I want to make sure they’re saying something to spark new ideas and conversations because that’s how change happens.

And change is a natural and very necessary part of the musicpreneur journey. Without it we don’t grow. This podcast has now outgrown its original messaging and it’s time to dive a bit deeper.

At the end of July, I’ll be wrapping up Season 4 and will be back this fall with Season 5, however it will look and sound a bit different.

You won’t have to subscribe to a new show, it will still all be hosted in the same place on the same channel/platform you’re listening on now, but instead of the MusicPreneur Mindset Podcast, it’s going to be called the Redefine The Hustle Podcast.

Back in January of 2015, just a few months after creating The Rock/Star Advocate, I posted on Instagram a preview of my new #WisdomWednesday blog post entitled Redefining The Hustle and was the first to use the #redefinethehustle hashtag on Instagram. I had always had a lovehate relationship with the word hustle – I loved the way it sounded but I hated what it stood for and after reframing my mindset around work/life balance with my new coaches, I decided it was time I redefined it for myself.

I continued to reference the phrase through my work here and there and then in 2016, when Alyssa Jackson and I created the first Rock/Star Life Planner, redefining the hustle was not only the subtitle, it was the mantra of the entire book.

Fast Forward four years later, I created the Redefine the Hustle channel on Instagram in 2020, a private community for everyone who owns a Rock/Star Life Planner. Still in its infancy, I have big plans for the community and the messaging behind it.

I want more people talking about the toxicity of “the hustle” and giving themselves permission to redefine it in a way that works for them. I want people, especially creatives, to realize there aren’t rules or specific blueprints for hustling, and you can make up your own rules to follow or not follow as you please.

I want to dive deeper into the mental health hurdles so many face as musicpreneurs and discuss ways we can overcome them together. I want to share lessons I’ve learned about giving myself more grace, more compassion, and more permission to do what I want, even if others say it won’t work.

As this podcast continues to evolve you will definitely still see similarities in its messaging. I’ll still be talking about perfection paralysis and procrastination and time management, but I want to discuss things through a different lens. I want to focus less on how to build your business and more on how to sustain your mental health and emotional wellbeing while you build it.

I LOVE spotlighting musicians who have succeeded at building a business they love, but I want to expand my interviews and talk with mental health professionals and relationship experts about how to sustain that business with greater clarity and peace of mind. I’ve already got a few guests in mind to talk to and I can’t wait to dig in!

I’ll still be spotlighting musicians, but we’re going deeper! We’re going into the mental and emotional hurdles and discussing what it takes to do the work from the inside out. And part of that work involves taking an honest look at the systemic inequalities that exist for many marginalized groups within our industry.

For the last few years, and especially this past year, I have been taking classes, courses, workshops, and reading books on issues ranging from sexism in the music industry to systemic racism and white supremacy in the world of coaching. Some of you might not know much about what I’m talking about, or not see how this is all connected to redefining the hustle, but hear me out.

I’m currently enrolled in a masters program in social work in order to expand my work within The Rock/Star Advocate. And during my time in this program, as well as other workshops, such as Trudi Lebron’s Show Up & Serve, I’ve discovered a deeper understanding around the toxicity of ‘the hustle’ mentality.

I’ve always believed there’s no one productivity hack or standard everyone should live by. For years I’ve denounced the “necessity” to become a member of the 5 a.m. Club. However, I never truly understood the origins and intentions behind some of these teachings, I just knew they didn’t work for me.

Over the years coaching has crept into the music industry. A few years back many of you had never even heard of coaching as a career, let alone thought of hiring a coach. Now that coaching is a more accepted and needed form of support in this industry, I believe it is so important we discuss certain systems, processes, and beliefs being taught out of habit and ignorance of their impact to ensure we put an end to harmful and toxic teachings.

I believe the music industry has the power to influence other industries and businesses and create real change in our society, but it starts from within. I want to discuss better equity for our music creators, better support for our industry employees, and reparations for those who were robbed for years by the major labels.

It’s time to go deeper and define a new way of building a career as a musicpreneur. It’s also time to think bigger beyond our individual careers and discuss how we can collectively build a better industry for all of us.

We will still center our episodes on taking action, but the actionables are going to be a bit different. Rather than having an actionable of the week or a different worksheet to download and complete, there will be a Redefining Moment of the Week. Sometimes it will be an action to take, and other times it will be a moment to pause and reflect. No matter what, it will hopefully inspire growth.

To celebrate what we’ve accomplished together already (because yes, this is our podcast, not mine) and celebrate the new chapter to come later this fall, I want to open up Rock/Star Slackers™ to more musicpreneurs who are ready to redefine their hustle now and not wait for the new season.

Currently there is a 3 month minimum to join my Rock/Star Slackers™ program. However, for this week only, I am waving the minimum so you can hop in Rock/Star Slackers™ for a month, with no additional commitment, to see if it’s for you. If it’s not, you’re free to leave with new connections, and a few other keepsakes to boot.

Every new Slacker receives a copy of the Rock/Star Life Planner as a thank you for their 3 month commitment. For this week only, you’ll still get a copy of the Planner for joining one single month. Since one month of Standard Slackers Membership is the same price as the Planner, it’s basically a 2 for the price of 1 deal!

In addition, even if you decide to leave after one month, you’re of course welcome to stay on, I will also grant you lifetime access to the Planchella recordings from this past year – something only Slackers get while they’re in the program. That way you can continue to redefine your hustle and get clear on your vision and goals for the rest of this year even if accountability and community isn’t your thing.

We’ve got a wonderful mix of musicians and industry creatives in the group, in every point on their journey, all with the goal of creating sustainable income from doing what they love and creating a hustle that works for them. It’s a supportive, fun environment hosted on Slack® that you can enjoy and learn from for less than $1.50/day.

If you want to see what Slackers is all about and find out why majority of our members have been with us for over a year (some going on 3 or more years!) you can come join us without the 3 month commitment, but you’ve got to take action before this Sunday, July 11 at Midnight EST. After that, membership on both tiers goes back to a 3-month minimum.

Email me at any time for more info or go to to sign up today and you’ll receive your Orientation Packet + your FREE 2021 Rock/Star Life Planner and immediate access to our Slackers Only webpage with exclusive tools + bonuses, like my Plachella video modules and workbooks.

More info can also be found on the show notes page so stop on by to learn more and while you’re there leave me a comment about what you think of the changes coming to this podcast. Are you for it? Against it? Mixed feelings? Questions? Suggestions? I want them ALL, so gimme what ya got!

You can also email me at any time, and let me know your thoughts and how I can best support you.

Over these next three weeks we’ve got incredible interviews with musicpreneurs you won’t want to miss so stay with me and let’s end Season 4 with a bang!

Until next time, Rock/Star. Keep planning, keep learning, and I’ll see you back here next time so we can get grounded to get rising! Take care.

Key Highlights

  • Why this podcast was first created
  • How musicpreneurship has evolved as a conversation in this industry
  • Suz’ journey to redefine the hustle
  • Why deeper conversations need to happen in this industry
  • How you can join Rock/Star Slackers™ with NO 3-month commitment
  • How do you feel about the changes coming to this podcast?
    • Let us know in the comments!


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